Students’ testimonials

“I love to make games. I’ve invented an animal rescue game. I brought my toy snake to kindy and it slid around the jungle and went high up in a tree. My friends helped look all over the jungle for animals. We walked and flew in a helicopter. I rescued a koala, kangaroo, crocodile and butterfly.” Evie


“It feels fun when I play outside. I look for spiders in the garden, but I don’t touch them. They are good because they eat flies. I also look for possums to see if they’re sleeping in our trees.” Hunter


“My favourite time is having a rest. Miss Penny reads the Magic Faraway Tree and we lie down in our special beds. I love that story. The children climb the Faraway Tree and Moonface was sad because of the goblins and Silky is his friend who looks after him.” Elizabeth


“I love my friends at kindy and inventing games. I played with Riley, Angus and Hunter and we made a spaceship game. I drew a rocket ship on my clipboard when we were thinking of ideas and made a spaceman’s helmet out of a box and decorated it with buttons. The teachers put up the tent to be our rocket ship and my friends decided which planets we would visit: Jupiter and Earth. There were bad aliens on Jupiter so we slid down the firemen’s pole and slippery slide to escape them.” Rex


“My favourite thing about kindy is Miss Emma. I like singing with her.” Leila


“I really, really, really love kindy. The best fun I had was the Cinderella game I made with my friends. We made dolls and played together. And I love doing craft and painting and pilates.” Rosie


“I like Penny and Tania. They help us do stuff like painting and making our games and getting the craft and they tell us to get our hats and water bottles. At story time they read my favourite books. I like the picture books and the chapter books.” Alex


“We play cars and then have lots of fun downstairs in the playground. I love playing basketball with my friends.” Xavier


“We put on our hats and get our water bottles before we play downstairs. I like sliding on the firemen’s pole and I play firemen with all of my friends. We wear the helmets and go to emergencies.” Lachlan


“I made up the Gruffalo game with my friends. We made Big Bad Mouse masks and ran around chasing each other. We read the Gruffalo book with Emma.” Ethan


“I like going downstairs to play Mums and Dads with my friends. I always like to be the Mum. It’s funny when my friends are the babies and dogs.” Alli


“It is so much fun playing outside in the playground. I love climbing – especially on the monkey bars. And I love running around with my friends.” Spencer