Equipment list

We encourage children to take responsibility for their property by performing a daily routine upon arrival at kindy: bags on hooks, food in fridge and water bottles on the table. Following is the full equipment list. Please label all items with your child’s name.

  • Clothing – children should wear comfortable, sun safe play clothes with a capped sleeve. We encourage children to be active and curious so clothes may become dirty or wet.
  • Shoes – any footwear is fine as shoes are often taken off upon arrival. We encourage children to remove their shoes while playing outdoors to ensure safer use of the environment.
  • Hat – broad brimmed or legionnaire style hat to shade the face, ears and back of neck. Caps are not suitable.
  • Sunscreen – should be applied before kindy and will be reapplied later in the day before going outdoors.
  • Spare clothes – please keep a season-appropriate change of clothes in your child’s bag.
  • Meals – all children bring their own morning tea and lunch. Please see our page with healthy lunchbox ideas. All lunchboxes are stored in a refrigerator until meal times.
  • Drink bottle – we have a policy of water only (no juice, milks etc please). Children can access their water bottles at any time during the day.
  • Sheets – children bring their own sheets in drawstring bag. Size specifications are available from kindy.
  • Small pillow or soft toy – optional for comfort at rest time.
  • School bag – a suitable size for your child to carry.