Each day at kindy is different, but some of our regular experiences include:

  • Morning table top activities – As children arrive, they can choose to participate individually or as a group in an ever-changing array of activities including puzzles, craft, play dough, lego, vehicles, tea parties, drawing, blocks and painting.
  • Welcome circle – A warm “good morning” song invites the children to gather inside to start their day together.
  • Daily language session – Reading both familiar and new books is a vital part of our literacy program. The children discuss the content and apply it to their own ideas. Many of our games are inspired by the books we read.
  • Music – Not only are our music sessions fun, they encourage fine and gross motor skills through actions, dance and instrument use, build literacy skills, enhance rhythm and sequencing skills, stimulate all of the senses and give children a wonderful feeling of belonging to the group.
  • Outdoor play – The choices are limitless for outdoor games: a playground and fort, large grassy areas, sensory environments, multiple shaded sandpits, water activities, a wooden outdoor stage, a mysterious fairy door in the side of a tree, and an undercover outdoor area for rainy days.
  • Gardening – Our children take great pride in planting, maintaining and harvesting our vast array of gardens including: herb pots, fruit and vegetable plots, native plants, flower beds, a worm farm and even a dinosaur garden.
  • Art – Our immersive art program includes sculpture, woodworking, clay modelling, and painting with acrylics, watercolours and pastels. Art is an integral part of our culture and approach to teaching, and available to children at all times. Their collective creativity is celebrated at an end-of-year exhibition for families.
  • Cooking – The children just love getting in the kitchen so we cook as often as possible. We celebrate special occasions through food, such as baking hot cross buns at Easter.
  • Mask and prop making – Masks and props are a fun and creative way to interpret favourite stories, act out new ideas and have fun with friends.
  • Listening station – Our quiet corner has a CD player and selection of music and audiobook CDs allowing children to retreat, relax and recharge when they don’t feel like engaging in a more complex or noisy game.
  • Museum specimens – The kindy subscribes to the Queensland Museum Lending Service, meaning that each fortnight we borrow a new specimen or display to extend the children’s knowledge and stimulate their curiosity.
  • Celebrating special events – Major holidays, Mothers’ and Fathers’ Days and children’s birthdays are all special events at kindy, and we celebrate each in a unique way.
  • Rest time – After lunch children prepare their beds and relax for a story before sleeping. For children who have outgrown their daytime nap, we offer a range of quiet activities they can do while resting.