The best prep, for prep

At Stafford Heights Kindergarten, we believe it's the small things that can be the big things when it comes to building confidence ahead of Prep. The daily routines of:

  • packing your own lunch,
  • being responsible for your belongings,
  • forming relationships and
  • getting used to managing your own time and ideas - all go towards teaching our children that they are a capable and important part of the school community.

The stand-alone kindergarten environment plays a pivotal role in preparing your children for the independent thought and confidence that will see them start their prep years with excitement and fortitude. Our experienced leadership team encourages children to develop their own ideas and follow their individual passions through play-based learning, supported by a proven kindergarten curriculum and clear schedule that introduces the routines of a typical school day.

Now offering extended hours across both programs, parents can give their children the most comprehensive preparation for prep, without disrupting work arrangements. If you’d like to learn more about our program or day-to-day kindy life, please contact us to arrange an introductory chat or onsite visit.

Note: We currently have limited 2023 vacancies for the Thursday + Friday program, 8am to 3:30pm.

Hear from the parents

Why did you choose Stafford Heights Kindergarten?

"We consciously added separate kindy days at SHK to our existing daycare arrangements so we could start working towards a strong and positive start to school later on. Our daughter was already eager for something new and the idea of going to a 'real school' instead of daycare really excited her. There are just so many extra opportunities for independence at kindy that she just didn’t get at daycare.

Little things like having to manage her own snacks and lunch through the day, writing her own name on her artwork and craft, borrowing books from the kindy library, going to bush kindy, packing her own bag through the day and setting up her own bedding for rest time etc. At daycare most of those things are done for her so we thought it was important to give her time to get used to the extra responsibilities and leave more time to be excited about big school next year." - A Wallace

"For us it was the experience and the stability of the teaching team that brought us to Stafford Heights Kindy. These are really important years in terms of shaping positive feelings around learning and we’ve found that our son learns the best when he feels comfortable and connected to his educators. In the big centres we found that the turnover rates meant his learning was a bit disjointed. Having such a strong and stable leadership team at SHK has given him the confidence to push himself further, make new friends and try new things.”

"Practice makes perfect, they say. We just wanted to give our daughter a good chance to get used to a school environment so she can start ‘big school’ with as much confidence as possible. It was also good practice for us to start learning how we could help her get the most out of her kindy time and extend her new ideas and interests in our home life. Stafford Heights Kindergarten is very open and inclusive, so it has been great preparation for all of us.” - E Kimber


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