Kindy or day care?

With long day care centres now offering Kindergarten Approved Programs, many parents are unsure about the difference between their current day care provider and a dedicated kindergarten. Stafford Heights Kindergarten’s distinct points of difference include:

  • Class membership at Stafford Heights Kindergarten is consistent week in, week out. In long day care, each child has varied days of attendance, be it five days a week or just two; but at kindy, the same group of teachers and children attend classes each day. Your child will have the opportunity to build strong, stable relationships in a consistent environment.
  • Only one class attends kindy on any given day. This means each class has free rein of the facilities, with no disruptions from other groups.
  • Our kindy is operated on a not-for-profit basis. This keeps fees as low as possible and ensures any profit is returned to the parent-led committee to spend on improving the kindy.
  • Parents are encouraged to stay a short while to play with their children at drop off time, and quickly form friendships of their own. There is a real sense of community at kindy, and parents often organise social activities together.
  • Our facilities are designed specifically for four year olds. Valuable resources do not have to be spent on equipment for babies and younger children.
  • All of our staff members are qualified teachers or educators with many years of Early Childhood Education experience.
  • Our kindy is affiliated with Lady Gowrie (Qld) Inc. which has been providing kindergarten-specific education and care for children and their families since 1940.

We understand that the major advantage of long day care is the extended hours offered. Stafford Heights Kindergarten also caters to the needs of working families, by offering the option of a Thursday/Friday class with longer hours.