Art show

Art is an integral part of our culture and approach to teaching, and available to children at all times. Our immersive art program includes sculpture, woodworking, clay modelling, and painting with acrylics, watercolours and pastels.

At the start of term four, each child is given a blank canvas (or the option of another medium that inspires them). Teachers spend both group and one-on-one time with the children to discuss what they’d like to paint on their special canvas. For some it is an animal or favourite place, for others a family portrait. Each child learns the process from sketches through to background/foreground design and painting techniques, resulting in a unique work of art.

By returning to this project week after week for the whole term, children learn planning and patience. Their sense of ownership develops and the design is kept top secret from families until the grand unveiling at the Christmas party and art show held in the last week of term.