Operating structure

Stafford Heights Kindergarten focuses solely on children in their year before prep. We provide a government “Kindergarten Approved Program”, and encourage learning through play. Unlike long day care facilities, only one group attends our kindy on any given day. We provide children with the familiarity and consistency of the same teachers and same students in their class every day.

The kindy operates during school terms and runs two groups with different attendance hours/days options; both offering the recommended 15 hours per week of Kindergarten Approved Program care.

As a not-for-profit community kindergarten, we are staffed by experienced and professional teachers, yet all management decisions are governed by a parent committee. This structure enables us to keep fees low and reinvest any profits back into the kindy.

Stafford Heights Kindergarten is affiliated with Lady Gowrie – a government approved central organisation to guide and support associated community kindergartens.