Individual development

Our teachers form close relationships with each child and their family. We believe in working closely with parents to understand the unique needs of their children before tailoring a personalised education for each individual.

Our teachers genuinely listen to each child’s interests, and encourage their learning by focusing these passions. One child’s fascination with dinosaurs can lead to a discussion about archaeology followed by digging in the garden for fossils, researching non-fiction dinosaur books, and examining specimens borrowed from the museum. Another child’s interest in mermaids can be transformed into a group play, complete with plot development, set drawings and construction, costumes and performance.

The kindergarten curriculum develops throughout the year to build on skills learnt in earlier terms. Our extensive collection of open-ended resources means that the children can learn at their own pace, creating more complex games as the year progresses. The teachers support and extend children’s learning according to each individual’s needs.

From the start of the kindy year our teachers instil the importance of learning self care – a vital skill for prep. Our dedication to ensuring that routine habits such as correct bathroom hygiene, cleaning up after eating, sunscreen application and drinking water regularly are developed at kindy age makes the transition to school so much easier for children and their parents.

Specialists such as speech pathologists and occupational therapists visit our kindy to give free assessments of each child’s development. These optional assessments have helped many parents to implement beneficial programs for their children prior to commencing school.

The kindy holds parent/teacher interviews throughout the year, and encourages families to discuss ideas or concerns about their child’s development at any time.